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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

Looking for Blue Buffalo dog food reviews? Well you’re in the right place! Having been a dog owner for many years, I have tried many brands. Everything from Liams to Organic (read:$$$) dog food, I’ve tried them all for my beloved pet. The best brand I have ever purchased was the Blue Buffalo brand. In the follow review I will tell you a few reasons why I like the brand so much, but also a few reasons why I don’t like the brand.


The ingredients. Not many other dog food brands can say they make dog food with the same quality and attention to detail as the Blue Buffalo Company. They truly make the food from the highest quality ingredients possible. A little known fact is the company was created because the owners dog named “Blue” died of terminal cancer. The food contains many nice and healthy stuff likeĀ  wholesome grain, and veggies. The main ingredient is always some form of very high quality meat. Unlike most of the other garbage out there that is repackaged as dog food, Blue Buffalo products don’t contain soy or corn (these ingredients are bad for your dogs health).


There really isn’t much to dislike about the Blue Buffalo dog food brand. There are many nitpickers out there that are fanboys of the other brands. The point other people like to point out is the price. For some people, price is a very big concern, especially in this economic downturn. However, that can be offset easily by the use of blue buffalo coupons. Other then that, there really isn’t any downfall that I can think of with the blue buffalo dog food brand. If you liked this blue buffalo dog food reviews, and have made up your mind to get your pet the best food, go ahead and print out some of the blue buffalo coupons from this site and go get your dog the best food out there!